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Smart Strategies
Let us steer you in the right direction with a smart, winning, one-of-a-kind government relations strategy.  Customized advocacy development and implementation is what we do.  It’s our specialization, our focus.

Proven Experience, Respected Expertise
xperience, expertise, and ingenuity are what you get when you hire Hathaway & Associates,  Our highly seasoned government relations professionals each bring nearly 30 years of state, local and federal advocacy management expertise; creative strategies and tactical planning and implementation; policy development; issues management; grass roots and coalitions; and communications, public relations and media experience from the business and non-profit worlds. With actual working knowledge of legislative and regulatory process and their in-depth experience in various industries; networks of business, legislative and regulatory contacts and proven track record for producing creative, winning strategies, our professional give you the edge needed to successfully reach your advocacy goals.

Winning Track Record
Hathaway & Associates has achieved a credible track record of winning strategies, successful coalition building and tactical implementation at the state and federal levels.  We have assisted clients in turning back Congressional action to usurp state authority to regulate an entire industry, doubled federal appropriations for clean up on toxic waste at military bases, and moved an important social agenda through national organizations of state officials.

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Smart Strategies
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