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  • Respected Advocacy.  Our seasoned professionals effectively represent clients’ interests in state, local, and federal arenas.
  • Strategic Consulting.  We work with our clients to develop strategic and tactical plans for use in legislative and regulatory advocacy.
  • National Organizations. We have a track record of successful advocacy with national organizations of state and local officials that builds political support for state and federal issues.
  • Public Policy Development. We successfully educate major national policy organizations and attain policy positions and resolutions to achieve our clients’ goals. 
  • Network of State Officials.  We maintain an effective nationwide network of state and local public officials.
  • Coalition Building.  Our local and national networks create synergy for critical third party support.
  • State/Federal Relations.  We work directly with state and local officials to create constituencies that can be directed to the statehouse, White House or Congress.
  • Legislative Monitoring.  We go beyond conventional reporting systems to provide clients with relevant political background and expert analysis.
  • Government Affairs Management.  We fulfill critical management functions during times of change.
  • Educational Programs. We offer proven training and educational programs for clients.
  • Targeted Communications.  We craft messages that change debates and mobilize constituents.

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