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Winning Track Record

National Trade Association
Challenge:  Congress threatened to usurp state authority to regulate an industry.  
Outcome:  We developed and carried out a unified campaign to develop common policy and political support with the national organizations of state and local officials (e.g., National Governors’ Association, National Conference of State Legislatures, U.S. Conference of Mayors) to oppose the federal mandate.  The Association, states and consumers won:  Congress choose not to mandate state deregulation and the decision was left to the states.

Environment Organization
Challenge:  Congress substantially cut funding for the clean up of toxic waste at military bases.
Outcome:  Our network of state officials, national organizations and federal lobbyists helped double the federal funding to $54 million.

Challenge:  Enhance the relationship of this organization with the national organizations of state legislators including African-Americans and Hispanics.
Outcome:  Hathaway & Associates successfully built relationships with the national organizations and individual legislators.  The  result was increased capability to educate state legislators on important issues of mutual interest, develop working relationships with state legislators and influence national policy positions adopted by these national organizations.

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